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Duncan's First Nation Community Development PlanCommunity Development Plan
Duncan's First Nation, Alberta

In 2002, Duncan's First Nation identified the need for a Community Development Plan to identify priorities and strategies that would guide the community's growth and well-being over the next ten years. The First Nation has two reserves in the Peace River area of northwest Alberta. Armin A. Preiksaitis & Associates Ltd., in association with Associated Engineering Alberta Ltd., was retained to develop the Plan.

The First Nation's northern location and small population approximately 150 residents live on the Reserve present challenges for planning and funding programs and development initiatives.

The consultants worked with the Chief, Council and administration of Duncan's First Nation, as well as with representatives from INAC and the Western Cree Tribal Council. To identify priorities, community members were consulted through interviews, a vision-building workshop and a public meeting.

After completing research and a community profile, a Community Development Plan was developed setting out policies in a number of key areas including economic development, education and training, social and recreational services, and infrastructure. The Development Plan was accompanied by a five-year capital plan that identified physical infrastructure improvements needed in the community.

Duncan's First Nation Community Development PlanTop priorities for the community were water quality, recreational programs and facilities, employment and economic development. Given the Band's small size, generating new revenue will be critical to improving the community's standard of living. The Main Reserve has an adequate supply of serviced lots to accommodate new housing for the next ten years. A multi-purpose facility, skating rink and baseball diamond were proposed to enhance social and recreational opportunities in the community.

A series of maps identified existing and future land uses of both the Main and the William McKenzie Reserves. The First Nation elders were instrumental in creating a map that identified the Band's traditional and sacred sites.

Client: Duncan's First Nation
Completion Date: June 2003

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